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This short of ours is the first time it has been posted online… I believe this is the last thing we shot several months ago…

Doing a quick revamp…

.. of our site. Nothing extra special… Just need a button that says: SHORT FILMS. THat actually shows, what we’ve done. Makes sense? I think…


We’re starting a new Web Series which will premiere…


With a new episode every TUES after that. They will be 5-10 minutes a piece and…

We will be posting them over here.

So, bookmark it — or subscribe — or do something to remember this fact.

New Test Footage

New camera… new locations… new test footage… new color tests… sweet!

Test Footage — New Camera, Low Lights, New Locations from clasico on Vimeo.

Director Contest

I’ve entered a contest at to be a director on a short film which will be produced through Lionsgate. We have to submit a video pitch and a director reel and such.

So, I submitted one…

As of now… I don’t have many viewers and such, so, I’m inviting anyone wanting to take a look at it to go here.

Thanks and have a nice day!


Here’s a quick edit of a movie idea.

A prototype of sorts… See previous entry for more info.

The Man Who Was Left Behind

Sunday, as in yesterday, we shot some test footage for a movie idea. We don’t have a script, or a title, but we have a location.

The idea for now is about a pilot who crash lands in the middle of nowhere and finds an abandoned airport terminal and takes residence there as he struggles to survive.

We shot it “Po Buget” style (as in poor budget — no lights — bad camera — no production value). We are in the process of doing a quick edit… of what took place that eventful day.

Below are screenshots.

Camera anyone?

We haven’t had a camera in weeks… months even. Don’t ask.

Currently looking for new camera. Looking at DSLR options. Specifically, this bad boy right here.

progress report

I got 30 pages on the script…

Nothing else to report.