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the definition of terra nullius

It just occured to me that the first thing you see from this series is a black screen which dissolves into something like the following:

(pronounced /ˈtɛrə nʌˈlaɪ.əs/)
is a Latin expression deriving from Roman law meaning ‘land belonging to no one’ (or ‘no man’s land’).

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Perhaps do this once on the very first episode.  And maybe post the definition on the official site too.  And, anything that we may need to really… but, on the show… but once…

It’s kind of cliche’ to do definitions (or quotes or phrases) at the beginning of movies… but the hell with it.

Theme music

Trying to shy away from digital stuff for the entire series… (electric pianos and guitars is fine)… was looking for stuff online for tones for the main themes… 


I like something SIMILAR to this for the TITLE theme… it’s TERRIBLY SIMPLE and doesn’t TRY very hard.  This is the title theme to the quiet earth. 


Test Footage — New Camera, Low Lights, New Locations from Carlos Funes on Vimeo.

I like the way this sounds alot… maybe… maybe not so much for main theme… but it sounds eerie and original and it doesn’t rely heavily on synthesizers… which I like but don’t need right now.  Course we can’t use this cause it’s copyrighted… even though it’s an unreleased rough draft take of an old Zeppelin song.


I wish I could just use this song at some point in the movie… even though it’s copyrighted… the lyrics are TOTALLY about how the pilot is feeling.  Dazed and Confused as to how the government is treating him.  This song was recorded before Led Zeppelin did their version and sound very unusual and kinda interesting for some reason to me.  At least I think it fits in the series.  Though we can’t use it… we could get some ideas from it to break the monotony in the score…


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Taglines for Radio Bravo

“No More Lies”
“Voice of the People”
“Strength In Numbers”
“The World Is Not Yours”
“Give Us Your Ear”
“Loud And Clear”
“Nothing Else Matters”
“The Voice of Micronesia”

Electricity for 10,000 Years

More info on Helium 3.

At this point don’t know how much to reveal (if anything) in the web series that the whole show is about Moon Rocks & Helium 3.  But, still working on that…

Concept Art for our series!!

These aren’t final… but it’s a hell of a start!!!
TERRA NULLIUS poster art

Web Series Distribution Research

Very handy information on web series distribution that I need to digest at some point…