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The Countdown

Ey! Who’s idea was it to put that dumb countdown on the site? Oh, ya, mine. Dang… I’ve got like 20 days to finish this thing. Oy! Who’s idea was it to update the site anyway? It sure as hell wasn’t mine. Pshh!

0 hours spent on site

3 hours Sat + 1 hour Sun
59 hours spent on site

“Interview” Movie

So, I’m adding pics to the new site and I come across this short called “Interview”… I completely forgot about that one somehow.

It’s the last thing we shot (in May I believe).

It’s never been available online anywhere… and it will be available to watch when the site is complete. (July 4th)

32 hours spent on site

New Logo for New Site

Here it is… I didn’t spend 10 minutes on it… it looks alright, but it fits the new website…

Day 2

Waiting for a buncha files to upload to the new Clasico Site… I’ve uploaded them like at least 3 times now… but I keep getting errors. Each time I do this it takes over an hour upload everything… so, that’s probably 4hours? ish? I’ve spent… Should I even log my hours? Well, I definitely started yesterday… and I spent over 8 hours then…

Today is definitely gonna be over 8 hours as well — I’m gonna add up all the time spent after all. Just to see what kind of numbers I’m looking at.

So, I’m about 16 hours on day 2.

Working on the new site

So, on July 4th we’ll unveil (sic) the new website at

We will also announce what the next feature length project is at that time. Not entirely certain if I can keep up with this blog thingy… but, I hope to keep this thing current — and if things go well… I will be able to post updates and behind the scene stuff and so on as time goes on.

That might be cool. Check back here to see how long this blog thing lasts…