Dusting it off

Taking a look at the feature-length script: “The Big Push”. I thought I had written 30 pages… I barely have 20. Let’s see how far I get this weekend.

Tried to hire a screenwriter to complete it… turns out… they want money. I’ve gotten quotes from $2,000 and up. One person had just sold a script for like $95,000. I’ve contacted like 20 screenwriters (and still have like 50 I haven’t responded to) and they are all in agreement about the whole money thing. Not that I don’t think they should get paid… just that, we’re not Sony or the Weinsteins.

One person was willing to do a draft for just a few hundred bucks. Which was more than fair, but no one knows this material more than we do. Even the more expensive writers that contacted me from LA and NY do NOT understand what the hell we’re trying to do here. So, that’s where I’m at.

Spoke with a local producer the other day and he told me why don’t I sell my own scripts. I was like… oh, ya?! I have at least 2 complete scripts I don’t intend to produce anytime soon. Someone else can have it… I mean buy it.

Just gotta figure out how to sell the durn things. In the mean time, let’s see about finishing the one we intend to make. And, I guess… sell one at the same time.

Why not?

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