Senator DeNiro

So, I’m working downtown… minding my own business… walking on Congress Street looking for a place to go for lunch.

Those big Film Trucks are outside again (near the Paramount Theater). I see a co-worker and he tells me,”Ya, Robert Rodriguez is in town. They’re shooting Machete over here.”

I was like, ya, cool, whateva. I walk by the filming location… and having worked on some feature film sets before… I know how easy it is to just waltz in and get “on location”.


I did.

They’re shooting a press conference scene where someone is going to walk up to the pulpit thing and answer questions. So, I kinda blend in easily (in the background).

But, I try to stay out of people’s way, while pretending like I’m suppose to be there. This girl walks up to me (who, I think I’ve met before) and says,”DeNiro hear yet?”

I laugh nervously… as she clearly is insane.

Next thing I know, they roll cameras and who walks down a flight of stairs?

Robert Fucking DeNiro. I was like Holy Crap!

I tried my best to remain calm, but this was sooooo… unexpected. As they’re filming the scene… I tried to see if I can get a picture of him… but it’s so far. And I was trying not to get noticed.

So, they shoot the scene and I guess the jist is… DeNiro plays a Senator in this one.

Long story short, this is the best picture I got. And unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t be the best photo journalist and I would be fired from TMZ for submitting something like this… but it’s the best I could do.

And now…

…my lunch is over.

Also, our friend Robert also looks like Robert.

And you can watch our TAXI DRIVER parody below.

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