New Site, More Contests, More Videos, Etc.


Apparently, I am not able to complete the new site renovation. If there is anyone out there who knows someone that would be interested in helping us finish the new site, please write to us. We would welcome that… It’s kinda half done… just need someone to finish it.


So the G4 Cable Channel and Fantastic Film Fest (aka Alamo Drafthouse) is having a contest where you produce a trailer to a video game.

Some of the rules:
1. 2minutes total running length max
2. It’s got to be a video game that hasn’t been made into a movie yet.
3. It has to be PG-13’ish
4. No copyrighted stuff, music, logoes,(obviously)…

That’s about it. We ain’t for sure what we’re going to do… but it’s due the first week of Sept. More info on the contest here.


Well, I already do music videos on a different site So, if anyone has an active interest in getting a video treatment to your next single, please contact us. I’m currently working on 2 rap videos back to back with a 3rd one to be shot in Sept. We can do anything from Hip Hop to Rock to Pop… to whatever else you may throw at us.

So, write to us if you need a music video or would like to help out with our site.


Please write to:

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