Access GRANTED!!

So, this a test blog — as well as a quick greeting…

So, why the G Division? Well, because G-men was taken on blogspot… but, after researching on wikipedia I discovered that… these G-Men (aka Governmant man) worked in the aptly named — G Division.

So, what do G Men have to do with us and this blog? Simple. The “G” in our case is short for: Grapevine.

Nuff said. All though as time goes on, others may be tapped for the G Division… and no you don’t have to have gone to GHS — but it helps.

But, for now… I’d like to keep this particular “blog/site” to the creative inner circle. I may post a list of the G MEN, somewhere on this site…

But, for now… on to setting this thing up.

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