September 2012

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New Posty time.  Been working on finding some more crew members for our feature film shoot that begins filming Mon

June 2012

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Hello world!

This is my first post on this WP site.  I’m going to be building it from the ground up.  I

April 2012

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Kilo 3 Movie & McGraw Movie

We are developing and writing 2 Feature length films.   We got posters and websites for each!! Check them out

November 2010

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Q & A Panel — I did for

Below is me answering for the first time for the nonsense we produced over the years.  Or, at least for

Austin Comic Con 2010 Pics

Contact me if you don’t see yours and would like it posted.  Thanks!

Tobey McGraw: America United

I was asked about Tobey Mcgraw short last night at the Q & A.  We shot this before there was

October 2010

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A couple of Clasico Shorts will be screening at 501 Studios.  Monday Nov. 1st 7pm. Along with a Q &

We are having a show

More news to come.  But it will be next week on Monday (Nov 1st).  Look for an update here soon!Time

July 2010

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QR Codes Generator×350&

June 2010

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Now Casting

We are casting for our series:  Terra Nullius. More info on casting can be found HERE.


We are casting for our web series. More info HERE.

Black Box – Cock Voice Recordings

More Screenshots

More screenshots from the video. We will be posting a final cut of the video on this site soon.

MUSIC VIDEOSas low as $333email: los (AT)

“Watch Me Get Back”

COLOR TESTS for “Watch Me Get Back” video for Rawstin City

DIY Dolly Tutorial DIY Dolly Test from 3rd Eye Productions on Vimeo.

New Web Series Teaser

We have a new teaser and new site for a web series. GO TO:  TERRASHOW.comTo check it out…

TEST Intro Tag2 from Carlos Funes on Vimeo.

testing embed

Terra Nullius – Teaser from Carlos Funes on Vimeo.

May 2010

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“land belonging to no one” makes sense…

Film Financing and such…

Interesting… very interesting…

the definition of terra nullius

It just occured to me that the first thing you see from this series is a black screen which dissolves

Theme music

Trying to shy away from digital stuff for the entire series… (electric pianos and guitars is fine)… was looking for


500 POSTCARD SIZE FLYERS!!!!!!  (4 x 6)for FREE!!!! 2 weeks for delivery — otherwise it’s 20 bucks) 200 B&W FLYERS

Taglines for Radio Bravo

“No More Lies”“Voice of the People”“Strength In Numbers”“The World Is Not Yours”“Give Us Your Ear”“Loud And Clear”“Nothing Else Matters”“The Voice

Electricity for 10,000 Years

More info on Helium 3. At this point don’t know how much to reveal (if anything) in the web series

Concept Art for our series!!

These aren’t final… but it’s a hell of a start!!! RADIO BRAVO logoes   TERRA NULLIUS logoes   TERRA NULLIUS

Long Center as Probable Location for Military HQ

For HeadQuarters… or military installation…

Set Design ideas for Radio Room

101 – “Set Design Test Footage” from Brandon Long on Vimeo.

Web Series Distribution Research

Very handy information on web series distribution that I need to digest at some point…

Guerrila Marketing

The following are flyers posted all over some town… what looks like fake headlines… and such.We can do something similar…

Nice Web Design

this site looks like how the official :  Terra Nullius site should look like… more or less. You can

Moon Documentary and Helium 3 info


In the Interest of Clasico Security

It occured to me, while rummaging through the internet… That we are sitting on at least 4 or 5 shorts

Shoe Mount for Microphone

Two possible options with the latter being the best one… Azden SMH-1 (cheaper — but supposedly less durable) Sennheiser MZS-CAM

bunch of links of military radios

Language Barrier

Ideas for Language to be spoken on radio transmissions… TOP LANGUAGES (RELATIVELY OBSCURE) Lithuanian Somalian Czech LANGUAGES TO AVOID (TOO

More Radio Sounds

More Radio Research Materials… Huge Search Engine of Radio Sound Material Cold War Radio Stations Lots of noise templates for

Name that Series

Here are some name ideas for the series at hand: Panic At Terminal C (or: Terminal C) Terra Nulleus Radio

More ART Research material


More Radio Rooms

posted more

Map of Terra Nulleus

Terra Nulleus (aka No Man’s Land) is where the pilot crash lands and is deserted.  This map is quick sketch

April 2010

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Fake Country Names

ArmeniaBalrogTangCordobaVictoriaNeu BerlinSolomonElabligMuellerBergstromKlondikeYukonFormosaGoyaKahluaSolanaLimpiraMonteban Ruta MayaKahlua I think Kahlua is on here twice… don’t ask…

NPR Documentaries on Clandestine Radios

Hanoi Hannah and Dave Rabbit audio documentary Another NPR type documentary more Clandestine Radio Documentaries

New References –

Thanks to Adam… I will organize these links on the site shortly… TERRA NULLIUS: SAMPLE MATERIALSAUDIO/VISUAL SAMPLE VIETNAMESE RADIO NAZI

Art of Manliness

I was looking for a hat for the “G Division” logo…an old 50’s FBI fedora type thing… Found a cool

Access GRANTED!!

So, this a test blog — as well as a quick greeting… So, why the G Division? Well, because G-men


This short of ours is the first time it has been posted online… I believe this is the last thing

Doing a quick revamp…

.. of our site. Nothing extra special… Just need a button that says: SHORT FILMS. THat actually shows, what we’ve



We’re starting a new Web Series which will premiere… THIS FALL With a new episode every TUES after that. They

New Test Footage

New camera… new locations… new test footage… new color tests… sweet! Test Footage — New Camera, Low Lights, New Locations

Director Contest

I’ve entered a contest at to be a director on a short film which will be produced through Lionsgate.

March 2010

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Another Still

From the low light color tests…

Jacking With Colors

Since the arrival of the new camera — I’ve been running tests. Here’s some sample low light and color tests.

Working On Music Videos

Is what we do. More info soon… more videos soon… For now… Here’s a freestyle video I shot with Big

February 2010

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Here’s a quick edit of a movie idea. A prototype of sorts… See previous entry for more info.

January 2010

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The Man Who Was Left Behind

Sunday, as in yesterday, we shot some test footage for a movie idea. We don’t have a script, or a

Camera anyone?

We haven’t had a camera in weeks… months even. Don’t ask. Currently looking for new camera. Looking at DSLR options.

progress report

I got 30 pages on the script… Nothing else to report.

30 pages

I’m at 30 pages. Then it went down to 26… Now I’m back to 30.

Dusting it off

Taking a look at the feature-length script: “The Big Push”. I thought I had written 30 pages… I barely have

Red Christmas Script

Written by Dan Dablout and Beaux Paris.


We are working on a feature length movie about two arcade salesmen. More info below… THE BIG PUSH:After being fired

Scripts I found

I’ve been going through an old laptop (which has win98 on it). And have been using floppy disk drives to


Old scripts and production notes to stuff we filmed (and some in hiatus). RED KRISTMAS3 Wiseguys discover a miracle on


Below are some feature length projects currently under development… THE MAN WHO WAS LEFT BEHIND (drama)Airplane pilot crash lands in


So I directed this video called Swangerz late last year. And I’m throwing it up here for all to see.

December 2009

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My Director Reel

I keep forgetting to upload my director reel. So, here it is. The movies used were: 1. NECRO MADNESS (COMEDY)Best

November 2009

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1st Place – Bloodshots 2009

We got first place @ Bloodshots 2009. This is kind old news, but our site was down so couldn’t post

October 2009

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Our First BOOTLEG??

Say… we got bootlegged! Someone recorded our short in the movie theater! It comes complete with bad audio, shakey cam

Tonight Only!

9:40 Alamo Drafthouse Lamar… join us if you can. Our short: Necro Madness will be playing… along with other make


BLOODSHOTS Screenings this Tuesday and Wednesday at Lamar Drafthouse! These will be balloted screenings, and winners will be tallied after

Necro Madness

Who knew Necrophilia was so much fun? Our latest effort. This is for the 2009 Bloodshots Horror Film Contest. 2008

September 2009

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Dig Düg

Our entry to the Filmmaking Frenzy Video Game Competition. Create a trailer to a movie based on a video game.

August 2009

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Senator DeNiro

So, I’m working downtown… minding my own business… walking on Congress Street looking for a place to go for lunch.

Affyzzle & Triple S Videos

Behind the scenes stills.First, big shout out to Zachary Herigodt ( for his work as DP for the 2 videos

New Site, More Contests, More Videos, Etc.

:: THE NEW SITE Apparently, I am not able to complete the new site renovation. If there is anyone out

The Lennings – Section C (FINAL CUT)

Here it is for all you bloggers out there that want to promote it… You saw it here first though…

on the way…

to the SECTION C music video premier… That’s right: Moose Lodge. 8:00pm… If you’ll note the time of this post…

WHAT? The Lennings “Section C” Music Video… World Premier… WHERE? Moose Lodge. WHEN? Thursday 8:00pm WHY? Psshhh… don’t go… see

July 2009

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“SECTION C” Rough Cut —

Not posting it here. But, if you’re reading this Lennings… feel free to give me a shout.


Progress… Should have a rough cut in a 24hours… I guess it goes without saying, the rough cut won’t be

Holy Orderlies and Crazies!

We Got Screenshots Here is the first glimpse of the music video shot over a week ago now. We’ll be

David Bowie — Space Oddity

I love this song. So, I edited a music video out of it. Over 10 years ago, in High School,


to everyone that came to the shoot. We appreciate it. The Lennings appreciate it…Thanks to the extras (oh, sorry —

On Location

Shooting … music… video… No new site (yet)… we will set a new date to finish this…

Shoot! This Sunday?

Gotta shoot a music video on Sunday… Lights? Check. Batteries? Check. Camera? ya-ya… New Site ready for July 4th?uhh… no…

June 2009

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BTS – 101 – The Lennings

I may be starting a new monthly series… BEHIND THE SCENES (aka BTS) of stuff that we do at Clasico.


In regards to the last post, apparently he says “Styrofoam Peanuts”… Boy is my face red…(it searches for the retraction

Styrofoam What?

What he say? Did he just say that? Did Weird Al just say… Penis? Weird Al has got a new


Going to get back into the swing of things (in regards to working on the site). Too busy nursing this

The Countdown

Ey! Who’s idea was it to put that dumb countdown on the site? Oh, ya, mine. Dang… I’ve got like

3 hours Sat + 1 hour Sun59 hours spent on site

One Shot Bug Killa

Working on the bugs on the site. Unfortunately, I can’t just step on them. Gonna try Black Flag… do they

I’m textin dis by phone. Textin mak me wana mispell thangz & add z’s @ inapropriate timez.

Update via Mobile

Going to try and see if I can do updates via phone. I’m sure it be easier if I had

“Interview” Movie

So, I’m adding pics to the new site and I come across this short called “Interview”… I completely forgot about

New Logo for New Site

Here it is… I didn’t spend 10 minutes on it… it looks alright, but it fits the new website…

Day 2

Waiting for a buncha files to upload to the new Clasico Site… I’ve uploaded them like at least 3 times

Next Feature Length Movie

Okay, so, it’s just going to be a longer version of “Cock Blast”. It’s about a Video Game Salesman trying

Working on the new site

So, on July 4th we’ll unveil (sic) the new website at We will also announce what the next feature